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You can download a variety of recordings by Scott Eberle, Nancee Sobonya and Kathleen Dowling Singh.

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Understanding of the Bardos: Diamond Approach, with Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson, along with Hameed Ali, developed the Diamond Approach to Self Realization. This presentation includes two segments, each with lecture and personal inquiry, to explore what these teachers have experienced tracking others beyond the edge of life. Each inquiry is followed by Q&A. The teaching was offered to students of the Ridhwan School and their friends in June, 2008.

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Wisdom of Life and Death

Wisdom of Life and Death is a 10-day retreat given by A.H. Almaas, originator of the Diamond Approach®. It is the first retreat ever released to the public.  The sessions include exercises as well as comments and questions by attendees, address progressively deeper spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of the death of the ego, as well as of the body.  The subject is presented within the context of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual map developed by A. H. Almaas that draws on contemporary depth psychology.

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All proceeds from sales go to the End of Life Service Group to support education about end of life issues.