Despite all of the recent attention to death and the process of dying in America, direct and heart-centered conversations about death are still rare—and patients and families frequently have unmet needs. As part of our work at Commonweal, we have listened deeply to people talking about these issues for decades. Our vision for this series is to contribute to a growing conversation about death in America. We’re creating a public space where questions of death and dying can be explored in safety and without judgment. The following conversations are part of this growing series.

Dying to Be Me (Free Talk)
Since Dr. Eben Alexander’s public acknowledgement of his Near-Death Experience (NDE), the topic is no longer relegated to the fringe of psychospiritual conversation. Dying to be Me is the title of Anita Moorjani‘s book about hers. Of all the talks on NDE I’ve heard, this one stand out. The spiritual preparation she brought to the experience allows her to talk about as if she is still in the experience – as opposed to talking from a removed retrospective view of something that happened to someone she no longer is. The talk has the quality of a transmission which is very inspiring.

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