The first retreat ever released to the public by A. H. Almaas


Wisdom of Life and Death is a DVD presentation of a 10-day retreat given by A.H. Almaas, originator of the Diamond Approach®. This is the first retreat he has released to the public. The proceeds from sales go to the End of Life group in support of the Ridhwan School.

These 18 lectures, which include exercises as well as comments and questions by attendees, address progressively deeper spiritual, psychological and physical aspects of the death of the ego, as well as of the body.  The subject is presented within the context of the Diamond Approach, a spiritual map developed by A. H. Almaas that draws on contemporary depth psychology. Presented in 1999, Wisdom of Life & Death provides an in-depth understanding of life, so we can cherish every moment of it.


  1. Transcendence and Embodiment 10. Contemplation of Death
  2. Hierarchy of Values 11. The Unknown and Loss of Control in Death
  3. Death of the Ego Self 12. Death Space
  4. Cherishing the Moment 13. Annihilation Space
  5. Qualities of Maturity and Integrity 14. Loss of the Particulars of Our Personal Life
  6. Pain and Suffering 15. The Absolute as the Death Side of Reality
  7. Kindness, Love and Generosity 16. The Deathlessness of True Nature
  8. Acknowledging Our Mortality 17. The Soul After Death
  9. Relation to Death and Dying 18. Life of Logos, Death of Absolute